Dynasty of sculptors Jansons.

 Grandfather -sculptor Prof. Karlis Jansons (1896-1986).   Clasic of the Latvian sculpture. Long time Head of the sculpture mastershop of the Latvian Academy of Arts. Worked mostly in the geure of monumental and memorial sculpture. Many well-known monuments (included  monument to the  1.Latvia President J.Cakste and famous Latvian public and culture workers in cemeterys).

Materials - granite, bronze.

Father - sculptor Andrejs Jansons (1937-2006). Studied at Latvian Academy of Fine Arts. Took part in Monumental and Memorial sculpture, participates in exhibitions in Latvia and abroud. Created a great number of memorial monuments displayed in the cemeterys of various parts in Latvia. Together with his wife Maija Baltina erected open-air sculpture garden around studio.  Renewed his father's K.Jansons monuments from pre WWTwo time, destroyed by soviet goverment   A.Jansons was member of Latvian Artist union. His favourite materials was granite and bronze.

Mother - sculptress Maija Baltina ((Jansona) 1941-2016)  Studied at Riga Secondary school of  Applied Arts and Latvian Academy of Fine Arts.  Works in the field of free-standing monumental and decorative sculpture. She has also created portraits and small-form sculptures. She was member of Latvian Artist union. Her favourite materials was bronze and stone (granite,dolomite, marble). Sculptures are in collections in Latvia  (Ministery of Culture, collection of Artist union, e.t.c.), Germany (Von Ludvigs Sammlung),Canada, Denmark, Sweden ().

Sculptor - Matiass Jansons (1973.)  Studied at Latvian Academy of Fine Arts. Has been contributing in exhibitions, symposiums and other art projects in Latvia, Lithuania,Germany,Netherland, Italy,Turkey, Estonia, Belgium, Finland Sweden,Norway, Austria,Czech rep. and Poland. Author of sculptures what has exposed at open-air and interiors. Favourite materials: stone (granite, marble, dolomite), teracco marble-mix, bronze, wood and peat. Also analog photography. Member of Latvia Artist union (since 2003.)